Basic InformationEdit

  • Category: Item
  • Reason for Study: Paranormal
  • Danger Level: Low
  • Designation: POF-1


The Gene Altering USB Drive has the form of a 8GB Memorex flash drive. When exposed to air, the Gene Altering USB Drive begins to emit a toxin that causes those who inhale it to violently insert the Gene Altering USB Drive under their skin. If affected by multiple people, those unable to insert it under their skin will stop and be seemingly no longer affected and will have no memory of how or why they are in the area they are. The most common area appears to be on the wrist. After inserted under the skin, the subject will begin to convulse and fall into what appears to be a coma-like state. When the subject is tested while in this stat brain signs are highly elevated, similar to that of an epileptic seizure, while heart rate and all other vital signs remain consistent. After what is between 15 and 30 minutes, the subject will sit up and act as if nothing had happened and no time had passed. the Gene Altering USB Drive will then eject itself from point of insertion and all toxic emissions will cease for approximately one hour. The subject will then have a small marking consisting of concentric circles, that appear to be made of an unknown metal, until the center which contains an input port for a USB device. No other external or internal changes have been seen or detected through medical testing. Testing has concluded that this USB device is capable of receiving data at an astonishing rate. When connected to a computer, a drive will be detected that contains 500 Petabytes of data (50,000 TB). This drive will contain the folders: Face, Upper Body, Arms, Legs, Feet, Genitals, Internal and [PRIVATE]. When opening these folders they will have multitudes of files in format that cannot be opened and a single “ .exe” file that, when opened, brings up a dialog box that allows the change of characteristics. The [PRIVATE] should never be touched or edited, under any circumstances.

Containment RulesEdit

The Gene Altering USB Drive must be contained in a vacuum-sealed case that has no access to air. The containment must be approximately one foot by one foot with steel, or stronger, supports on corners and edges with 1 inch thick glass being used as the rest of the container. In the event of toxin from the Gene Altering USB Drive reaching other areas, all rooms affected must be pressurized to reduce exposure. In the event any personnel are affected, they must be kept in solitary confinement for up to 72 hours, or until blood tests confirm that the toxin emitted by the Gene Altering USB Drive has left the blood stream.

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