Basic InformationEdit

  • Category: Organism
  • Reason for Study: Paranormal
  • Danger Level: Medium
  • Designation: POF-2
Mechanical Eye


POF2 is an woman of Asian descent that is capable of feats of extreme speed and strength due to a partially augmented body. POF2’s bones have been replaced by incredibly strong and resilient steel alloy. We are unable to replicate the exact metal used as the bones but are hard at work. Her left eye has been replaced by a mechanical part that is capable of thermal vision as well as night vision. The fingertips on her right hand have also been replaced with a semi-solid version of the same metal used in her body. These fingertips have shown the capability to extend but have dull points and appears to be extremely painful to her. Part of her brain seems to have been replaced by something similar to a ciruitboard but far more advanced. She has expressed that sometimes her brain “tingles”. She can speak English fluently but has also sown capability to use other Asian languages, some of which are unidentified. POF2 has expressed that she is extremely grateful to us for rescuing her from her test facility in [PRIVATE] and has expressed her willingness to assist us in any way.


POF2 is to be given Class-3 admittance to our facility. If there are any incidents regarding her behavior, report it to an S-Rank staff immediately, per usual. POF2 has expressed that she would like to play video games, which has been granted in the form of a laptop. She is not permitted internet access unless under the direct supervision of a staff member of B-rank or higher. New video games are to be given once a week if there are no incidents regarding POF2. She is to be given her own room with a full size bed and regular sheets and linens, a regular sized desk, a television to keep up with current events as well as company affairs and a dresser to contain any clothes that she may acquire as well as regular clothes that we shall provide.


POF2 was found on a raid on an underground slave trading operation. POF2 claimed that she can’t remember much from before arriving at the slave trading operation except that she was given direct orders to protect the slaves and the leaders and that she was born “somewhere near that big wall”. O other abnormal items or organisms were found at the scene. When the leader was interrogated, he simply stated that he had “bought ‘er off o’ some mercenary company” and that he “paid top dollar” for her. She was with them for approximately 2 years before the raid.

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