Basic InformationEdit

All entries must be created using a template similar to that of Gene Altering USB Drive if an item or organism. Three items must be categorized and have data entered in at the beginning of the entry, right below the first header, which should contain the words "Basic Information". The sub-headings below this should contain more detailed information afterwards.

Article Introduction DataEdit

  • Category - Items, Organism, Testing Notes,
    Containment Tubes by defilerzero
    Tutorials or Incidents.
  • Reason for Study - Paranormal, Supernatural or Extraterrestrial.
  • Danger Level: Low, Medium, High or Catestrophic.
  • Designation Number: POF-X where X is the number.


  • Write in an intelligent & scientific manner.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Understand the English language enough to effectively convey your message.
  • Sign the bottom of each page by using the ~ key 4 four times.


  • Talk like any of the following: "H3ll0!", "im sooooo funneh", "T41K L1K D1Z!1!1!".
  • Edit other people's works and entries unless it is to correct minor gramatical errors.
  • Create incident reports regarding other's stories unless given permission.

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